hy5ipBY.jpgName: Eric Rowan
Age: 57
Sex: Male
Archetype: Advisor & Bandit
Location: Tempest Hold
Affiliations: (if any (noble house, guild, etc.): Erac is affiliated with House Rhyferth as he is a close friend to Channer Rhyferth. Erac also has connections to criminals as he was a bandit leader and uses those connections to profit Channer and House Rhyferth.

Character Background and Description
Erac Storm was raised by his mother who was a whore, and he was a bastard. At the age of 7 he found himself abandoned and alone in the Stormlands. He spent many years living off of the hospitality of others, as well as taking what was needed. He would sneak into farms at night to steal whatever food he could find. A family took him in and he worked at their farm until early adulthood when he left to pursue his own identity. Eventually he met similar folk, and by the age of 20 he found himself working as a bandit. This lifestyle continued for many years and he found the thrill as exciting as having enough money for things beyond basic necessities.

Time went on and Erac met enough people to see how to sell stolen goods and how to maneuver the criminal underground of the Stormlands. Erac began his own bandit crew and met Channer Storm. Through the years of banditry they became close and evaded death together many times. One day came when Channer asked him to ambush and kill a noble named Garon Selmy. Putting his trust into the words of Channer he did so, and from that moment forward he has had no regrets.

When Channer became lord of House Rhyferth he appointed his close friend Erac as an advisor. He had knowledge of the underground, the poor folk, and the wit of a snake. Erac took the last name Rowan so he would not further the rumor that House Rhyferth was a House full of bastards. As House Rhyferth slid downhill Channer had Erac invest some of the house’s money into raids and illegal activities. They made a slight profit but not enough to keep the house from falling. As Channer lay dying Erac wonders if he will lose all his loyalty and hard work has got him.

Appearance: He is slender and 5’9 with a beard full of grey. He is bald and light skinned. His crooked nose and his scarred face hint that his life has been full of violence. He wears decent clothes provided by his friend Channer which are usually stained and dirty.

Demeanor: He speaks with a mumbling voice full of pauses and head scratching. He looks downward and stays quiet except when he is with Channer.

Possessions: He has a small amount of wealth and a dinky room in Tempest Hold. His food, clothes, and luxuries are provided for by Channer.

Motivations: Seeing his close friend Channer sick, he wonders if he will be kicked out of Tempest Hold. He is pushing for his skills to be utilized to save the crumbling house as well as his position in it. He is ready to do everything and anything necessary to keep his position.