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Name: Eon (last name unknown)
Age: 44
Height/Weight: 6'0, 210lb
Sex: Male
Archetype: Mercenary, Warrior, Failed knight
Location: House Fenshaw Lodgings
Affiliations: Edgar Fyste

Character Background and Description
Eon is a mercenary who, at the time of House Fenshaw's passing into King's Landing, was available for hire. Edgar, who had in advance sought out the best mercenaries in the city, already had him within his sights. He was reliable, headstrong, loyal to his current master, and could take orders without issue. He is said to be a great fighter, having been trained and given his loyalty to an unknown lord in Dorne for a number of years. Rumor has it that Eon was about to become an anointed knight by his lord he had grown fond of, until he was suddenly struck down by his sister the same day of his would-be anointment. His sister fled the city afterwards and Eon, in a rush of anger and adrenaline, went after her. He was not a tracker, however, and soon became lost in the wilderness. After somehow finding his way back Eon learned he was branded a traitor and a deserter; his dead-lord's older brother assumed him to have been in on the assassination and simply fled the city to regroup with his treasonous sister.

Eon has an older brother named Drudge who, while possessing incredible amounts of physical strength, is also incredibly stupid. Although Eon once shunned his brother for his sheer stupidity, he has since become extremely protective of Drudge. It is not known how Drudge came to accompany Eon after he fled Dorne. Since Drudge does not fully understand the concept of money, Eon is said to up the cost of his mercenary skills for including two men, insisting he is the one paid. Once Edgar Fyste arrived in King's Landing and hired the two of them, he overpaid them by over three times the asking price, paying all of it to Eon directly.