Name: Entan BywaterEntan Bywater.png
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Archetype: Member of City Watch
Location: King's Landing, Essos Square

Affiliations: City Watch,House Bywater

Character Background and Description
Entan Bywater is a newly inducted addition to the City Watch of King’s Landing, also known as the Gold Cloaks. Hailing from House Bywater, a minor noble house from the Crownlands, Entan was trained to be a knight from a young age. Repeatedly proving his mettle in tourneys and other tests of skill, Entan was recommended for a position among the City Watch by Jacelyn Bywater, whom he had served as a squire to, and was accepted shortly after.

While Entan knows his way around a sword, he is surprisingly a bit shy. Despite receiving praise from his family and peers for years, Entan is very modest, turning down the complements paid to him by others. His humility and shyness has earned him to title of the Bashful Knight among his peers in the watch, who bestowed the epithet upon him after witnessing a conversation between him and a young woman that left him beet red in embarrassment.

The very image of a dutiful knight, Entan wears his brown hair short and keeps his sword and armor well polished and his signature golden cloak clean. A part of his patrol route is situated in the area around Essos Square, which Entan is grateful for. Coming from a relatively sheltered upbringing, he enjoys the exotic sights and exposure to the other peoples of Westeros.