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Character Name:

Age: 31
Date of birth: 267AC
Sex: Male
House: House Fenshaw

Height: 7 foot 4 inches
Weight: 330 lbs
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Green

Archetype/Concept: Guardsman/Unsworn Knight

Disposition: Aggressive towards criminals. Distrusts outsiders. Dislikes politics. Stubborn
Mannerisms: Tries to keep his hands busy, usually by adjusting clothing or weapons. Quiet in political discussions.
Distinguishing features: His face is divided with a scar from the left of his forehead to the right of his chin. He's a towering, intimidating figure.

Factions/memberships/oaths: Member of The Falcons of Autumn

  1. Immediate: Train his fighting and commanding abilities.
  2. Medium: Improve standing in the house.
  3. Life: Commander the Fenshaw military and bring order to their lands.

  1. Theodan Berikson
  2. Tychys Nahaar
  3. Nkusazana Hill

Personal History/Backstory

Born into a middle class household, Emond grew up on a farm located about eight hours by horse from Skyhaven. Emond was the second child in his family, with a brother, Cadwall, three years his senior and a younger sister, Mylda, born six years after. Emond’s mother, Ketra, taught her children how to read and write, from which Emond grew a fondness for literacy. His father, Brunor, while prone to relying on the bottle, taught his children how to use weapons as they grew older, a field which Emond proved incredibly capable in.
Emond and his brother constantly fought, but were inseparable. Mylda died when Emond was 12, having fallen ill from a fever. Emond began trying to learn more about medicines, but the knowledge never stuck - instead, his trips into the woods taught how to track prints more than find plants.
Emond began going on trips to Skyhaven when he was 13. There, he grew to idolize the guards, as the hamlet seemed devoid of crime, a difference from the outlands.
When Cadwall turned 19, he started taking over the trips to Skyhaven, still bringing along the now 16 year old Emond. One night Cadwall picked a fight with some rougher folks in the Bastard’s Roost. Emond saved his brother by knocking out the leader, and the two quickly left to return home. Two days later, the house was attacked in the middle of the night.
Ketra and Brunor were cut down as they left the house, while Emond and Cadwall attempted to escape into the woods. They were grabbed, and told that Emond had knocked out a vengeful bandit. Taken to the bandit’s outpost, the pair were tortured, and Emond received his scar and share of mutilations.
Emond managed to escape, and went to Skyhaven for medical attention. The “doctor” patched him up, but insisted he not return to the camp, instead asking Emond to contact the guards. Emond ignored the advice, and returned home to look for weapons to save his brother. Once there, he found his only surviving inheritance, a Valyrian Greatsword buried into the floor. Taking it, Emond returned to the camp on a warpath, searching for Cadwall.
By the time the guards arrived, Emond had killed the bandits, earning his sword a new name, Gorefast. His brother, barely surviving, had to have his left leg amputated at the knee, but both had miraculously survived the tortures.
Emond was offered a place in the guard by the sympathetic captain, which he accepted on condition that his brother be given work at the Falcon’s Perch.
In his service in the guard, Emond learned to ride horses and further honed his skills. He was eventually offered a place in the cavalry, led by Theodan Berikson, which Emond rode in during Robert’s Rebellion.

Current biography

Emond currently serves as a bodyguard to the former lord regent, Theodan, and a second-in-command of the guard (partly by virtue, and partly from people being too afraid to question him). Emond was the acting captain when Tychys Nahaar arrived, but only let him in on orders from Edgar Fyste, but remains suspicious of him and other outsiders. Emond has participated in tournaments, earning some acclaim. One strange fight with the similarly sized Nkosazana Hill ended with both combatants unconscious. Emond would like a rematch, if only to fight someone similar in ability to him, but doesn’t consider it a bitter rivalry or focus. Instead, Emond simply wants to continue to train his abilities, hoping to eventually raise in rank and become a commander of the Fenshaw’s military. Through that position, Emond feels he could easily wipe out the recurring bandit problem, doing so with extreme prejudice. Emond isn’t eager for another war like the Rebellion, and distrusts recent political maneuvering. Ironically for a man of the North, Emond doesn’t feel comfortable around wolves or attack dogs, a slight fear he owes to some misadventures in the woods.


After the attack on House Fenshaw, Emond blamed his house’s inaction and scheming for Raynard’s death. He assisted the members in the hunt for the Thieves’ Den, but refused to return to the Falcon’s Perch until he killed the leader. Theoden, angered at Emond’s more violent nature and resistance, left Emond with no aid.

With no assistance, Emond began tracking down and exterminating leads in equal measure. He no longer cared about his home life, only moving forward with the promise of closure. However, his bloodthirsty nature made investigating difficult. He took no care in covering tracks or hiding the work - instead reveling in the slaughter, using it as a way to make the bandits of the Den pay for their attack. Over the course of four years, he managed to finally track down and kill Jenna Rosewood, after leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

His contribution to curbing criminal activity through his crusade did draw the attention of others. Emond became a renowned fighter, even if his cause was purely one-dimensional. However, instead of accepting a position in the city watch, Emond returned to Fenshaw, the time smoothing his relationship with Theoden. Emond became the head of the guard, and a fearsome adversary against any bandits actions in his land. He levied harsh punishments against criminals, and while people opposed his bloodthirsty methods, the results were evident. As he aged, he rode less, but plotted ever more effective ways to curb unpleasant behavior in the Fenshaw lands, and his methods were implemented by other Northern lords.
He died in his bed from illness at the age of 64.

Notable skills
Good tracker
Very strong fighter and incredibly resilient

Notable equipment
Valyrian Steel Greatsword: Gorefast
Superior tower shield
Scale armor
Left hand dagger

Abilities (default value = 2)




1B Dodge, 1B Quickness

Animal handling

1B Ride, 1B Strength


1B Climb


1B Notice






1B Stamina


1B Long Sword
















1B Track






1B Dedication
Destiny Points:
  1. Blood of First Men
  2. Massive
  3. Hardy
  4. Benefit/quality 4

  1. Marked
  2. Threatening
  3. Eunuch (secret)


Intrigue defense

Combat defense

10 without armor
13 with armor
19 with armor and shield



17 (+2 from 1st Men)
will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x 3
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