42a51f69e123577945a8e2632ade8dd9.jpgName: Emilya Reed
Age: 37
Sex: Female
Archetype: Merchant
Location: Lakeview Commons
Affiliations: Fishermen's Guild

Character Background and Description

Even though she is only modest 5'6'' tall Emilya knows how to stand her ground. With dark brown hair and commanding stance, most yield to her on sight. She commands the Fishermen's guild with efficiency and confidence. Tan from spending so many days on the lake in her youth, and muscular from manning her fishing boat over the long years.

Taking full advantage of Dorne’s gender equality Emilya Reed rules the fish trade at Lakeview Commons. Using her houseboat, Cat-Catcher, she commands a hoard of fishermen. Daughter of a humble boat maker, Emilya started her illustrious career by building her first boat, Cat-Chaser, when she was only 12. Her boat was the fastest on the lake and easily beat the other fishermen to the best bait spots.
By the time Emilya was 16 she had already become one of the most recognized fishermen on the lake. She always had a good enough haul to employ to other small boats, but lacked the funds to expand further. Not afraid to take risks, she took on the bounty of the Lord of the Lake, a monstrous 10 foot catfish that had taken many a merchant out of business. Only due to the speed of her craft, and the use of her other loyal boats was she able to corner and take down the lord. With her winnings she was able to establish her hold on the fish market she maintains today. Skilled and Clever Emilya is as shrewd at business as she is at catching fish.