1298610990_470x353_charming-fantasy-lady-picture.jpgName: Elyse Rhyferth
Age: 37
Sex: Female
Archetype: Lady of the House
Location: Tempest Hold
Affiliations: House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description
As the first born daughter of House Horpe, Elyse was groomed from birth for a life of nobility. She reveled in the expectations of her station, eagerly absorbing her lessons. Her mother was her greatest influence, teaching her all the ways a Lady can advise her husband without overstepping her position. In many cases, her mother was so subtle that her father thought her points were all his ideas. Elyse learned quickly and became quite cunning. She would often practice her techniques on the servants, convincing them to sneak her an extra sweet roll or gossip about the secret habits of their guests. Elyse soon became accustomed to getting what she wanted, and thankfully aspired to little beyond her own security. Many nights Elyse dreamed of the day she would be whisked away by some noble lord and indulge in the respect her mother received.

While normally such fantasies involved a castle by the sea or droves of knights on horseback, her betrothal to Channer Rhyferth was acceptable enough. On the surface, it was an ideal match, with Channer being the brother of the house lord. Rhyferth was an up-and-coming house, with Ronard bringing it great prosperity and power. Elyse knew she could expect to live comfortably and with the right words she could make Channer do almost anything. Channer proved stubborn and unrelenting, but she was able to prevent him from embarrassing the House at least. Her and Ronard became very close, united by a desire to aid their house, though her drive was more selfish than his. Both were convinced they could control the ambitious and outspoken Channer, and it wasn't until Ronard's death that Elyse realized Channer would never give her what she wanted.

While Elyse played no part in Ronard's poisoning, she always knew Channer was to blame. Not because he told her. He wouldn't trust her with that kind of information. No, Channer confessed with the way he carried himself, head up high, the curl of his lip every time he thought no one was watching. Only now everyone was. They looked to Channer to continue Ronard's rise to greatness. Instead, he led them all to ruin. Channer was no lord, not the way Ronard was. His various addictions and temper alienated many lords and subjects, and his poor investments forced him to sell much of their land to other houses. Elyse loathed him, but kept up appearances both for her position and her son, Darius Rhyferth. When Channer fell ill, she played the good wife, weeping in public and wishing him well.

She is respected by the house's servants and subjects, possessing enough charisma and cunning to achieve that at least. Many pity her as the woman forced to marry a monster while others see her as no better. Her hiring of the anxious runaway Darlyne Storm has served to aid her reputation, though some see it as suspect. Most turn their attention now to Darius, believing Channer is as good as dead. Elyse is eager for her son's reign, hoping he will bring Rhyferth enough glory for her to live comfortably, or at least enough where she won't catch servants whispering scandal. Despite everything, she still holds on to her dreams of a childhood, hoping to one day live in a castle by the sea.

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