8c105a8c00a97991c854b769706b6bf7.jpgName: Elric Magnus
Age: 57
Sex: Male
Archetype: Merchant
Location: The Crescent Cauldron, Sarsfield Library

Affiliations: Alchemist's Guild

Character Background and Description

Elric stands five feet ten inches tall, he has long silver hair and grey eyes. He is well dressed wearing fine silks and leather gloves/boots. Elric mostly keeps to himself and spends most of his days in his shop selling elixirs, spices/herbs, and other oddities.

Magnus was born to a noble merchant family and grew up with wealth and comfort. Magnus was always curious, as a boy, you could find him with his nose in books trying to figure out how the world worked. He took a particular interest when it came to alchemy. Elric found it fascinating, he loved the idea of improvement or creating something new. His parents encouraged their son to pursue his desire for knowledge so they sent him off to learn the ways of alchemy.

Elric eventually joined the Alchemist Guild in order to continue his quest for new ideas and inventions. It was here where he witnessed the creation of Wild Fire. This was the catalyst for his determination to create something just as powerful which he would later call Dragon's Breath. Once the Alchemist Guild lost their influence after the fall of the Targaryen's he knew he would need to branch out and continue to experiment on his own. In order to fund his research he took out a page from his family history and opened up a shop.

Magnus would eventually save up enough money to open his own shop The Crescent Cauldron in Aegon's Hill. Here he would use the knowledge he had gained over the years to help people and make money to further fund his experiments.

Elric is a firm believer in progress through experimentation. He is always working on the next big thing that could redefine the world as we know it.