racetrack.jpgName: Ellion's Racetrack
Location: Visenya's Hill
Type: Racetrack
Size: Large
Condition: Worn down

Inhabitants: Thousands of people from all around come to witness some of the finest horse racing in the area.
Keepers of the Track

Ellion's racetrack was founded nearly a century ago, by the family of House Garner. At the time of it's construction, even the High Septon praised it's luxurious structure. The ownership of the racetrack is passed down to each generation to the eldest son of the household. Currently owning it is Ellion Garner. The racetrack is located at the base of Visenya's hill just a few short walks away from Joral's Threater. The exterior is really worn down despite the intense care that goes into cleaning and maintaining the attraction. The interior consists of large seating arrangements high, low and in the middle where spectators can really enjoy the races. The highest seating arrangements are only offered to royal families or those who can afford such a high price. Each seating bench is made out of high quality mahogany wood. The gates that run around the track are made of oak wood, constantly having to be repaired due to overcrowding and wild banter. Current day the racetrack is home to dozens of coursers, stallions, and other horses who are bred and trained to compete in weekly races.