Name: Eisengold ResidencesEisengold Residences.jpg
Location: Waterfront
Type: Westerlands community, House Eisengold base of operations
Size: Medium
Condition: Affluent, built recently

Inhabitants: Jorrel Eisengold, Nkosazana Hill, Zyre Oakwood, Tugg, Feyana Deirei, Benu, The Eisen Guard, Dextran Garner, additional Eisengold retainers (including Peoter, and Gimmlet). Also, Hissers.

As a result of Cersei Lannister’s marriage to King Robert Baratheon in 284 AC, and the increasingly common Lannister presence in the city as a result, many of the residences for visiting banner houses from the Westerlands have since been expanded or reconstructed. In following with this trend, the Eisengold Residences were rebuilt in 290 AC as a token of royal and Lannister appreciation for House Eisengold’s service to the crown during Greyjoy’s Rebellion.

Like many other Westerlands residences, the Eisengold Residences are located near the Red Keep as part of the larger Westerlands community. Taking the Eisengold’s seafaring penchant into account, the Eisengold Residences were rebuilt in a more affluent area of the Waterfront, giving easy access to and from the harbor, while maintaining proximity to other Westerlanders. While not exceedingly lavish, the Eisengold residences are large, well constructed and supplied, and located in a quiet area of the city, offering a comfortable dwelling for members of the house.