Name: Edmun "Blackfyre"external image schizophrenia-split-personality-serious-smiling-an-old-man-in-front-of-a-mirror-he-is-serious-but-his-reflection-is-smiling-concept-madness-craziness-psychosis-schizophrenia-inner-demon-soul-sickness-split-personality_qjbecwry__S0000.jpg
Age: 62
Sex: M
Archetype: Informant
Location: Fairgarden Clinic
Affiliations: Targaryens
Character Background and Description
Suffering from madness, Edmun Blackfyre swears vengeance daily against Barristan Selmy for killing his father, Maelys. Ordinarily, people posing as descendants of the traitorous Blackfyres would be put to death. However, Edmun suffers from apparent madness and no one believes he is actually a member of the Blackfyre bloodline. He suddenly appeared in the Fairgarden clinic one day rambling about the traitors surrounding him. He would not be at the clinic at all were it not for mysterious donations that are regularly made in is name. Every week, a new person comes to talk to Edmun, asking questions about his past or informing him that it would be impossible for him to be a Blackfyre.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the clinic, Edmun serves as a sort of information hub for underground networks loyal to the Targaryens. His madness is but an act, and those who wish to know about the whereabouts of Targaryen heirs, or those loyal to the heirs but wish to know information about King’s landing go through him. No one knows who employs Edmun, or if anyone does it at all, but it is certain that he is paid for his services by someone close to the crown, and loyal to its previous owners.

The only part of Edmun’s charade that is not false is his hate for Barristan Selmy. None alive know why he is actually after the esteemed Kingsguard, but it is plain to see that at some point in this man’s long life, he has been slighted.