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User name: GeneralGrudgings (Mike)

Character Name: Edgar Fyste

Age: 42
Sex: Male
House: House Fenshaw

Height: 6'1" (6 foot, 1 inch)
Weight: 190
Race: White (Northman)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green

Archetype/Concept: Scheming Adviser/Deceitful Spymaster

Disposition: Indifferent towards all, trusts nearly no one. Uses people to his advantage, especially to further the gains of House Fenshaw. Loves the political game, but hates losing. Does not tolerate incompetence or failure. Absolutely despises lawless brigands, but will still use them to his advantage if he must.
Mannerisms: Only speaks when necessary. Goes into a situation well-informed and prepared. Often twirls his thumb when anxious or impatient.
Distinguishing features: Mischievous, calculating glare.

Factions/memberships/oaths: House Fenshaw, "Adviser" to Raynard Fenshaw and his sister, Ranel.

  1. Immediate: Use information gathered from spies to plan the next move day by day.
  2. Medium: Gain recognition among the nobility, political elite, and those who will help him rise to power.
  3. Life: Help rise House Fenshaw to a respectable and feared house throughout Westeros.

  1. Theodan Berikson (Ryan's character - distrustful, respectful relationship)
  2. Nera Dragen (Abby's character - apprentice/employs her)
  3. Emond Roebeck (Robert's character - Shares disgust for lawlessness and brigands, otherwise keep to themselves)
  4. Tychys Nahaar (Chris' character - Outsider from Braavos)
  5. Dameon Fyste (NPC - Edgar's older brother)

Outside Relationships
  1. Aiana Bayle (House Rhyferth)
  2. Feyana Deirei (House Eisengold)

Personal History/Backstory
Edgar was born in a small, indistinguishable village near The Talon. He was the second child of four to his parents, who he would come to respect greatly. His father was but a lowly fisherman, providing for his family in the best and harshest of times. As the local region grew, his father began to employ those he knew in the village as the demand for a particular whitetailed fish grew. Growing up raising four boys, his mother grew acquainted with treating injuries, bruises, and illnesses. She eventually acted as the villages' healer, though preferred to simply offer advice and herbs rather than get her hands dirty on strangers. His older brother, who spent his young adulthood riding in-between the local villages to help their father trade his ever-growing fish business, became increasingly skilled at horseback riding. This eventually culminated into him joining House Fenshaw's distinguished cavalry unit The Falcons of Autumn when he was 19.

By age 12, Edgar's family had risen from a poor, unknown household to one that gained recognition at the mere mention of the name "Fyste" along The Talon. It became synonymous with the whitetailed fish his father exported, which became both a bane and a blessing. When Edgar turned 14, his youngest brother Dameon became increasingly ill and unable to leave his bed. To his mothers dismay, no herbal remedy or treatment seemed to improve his health, and he would eventually succumb to his illness a short 3 months later. Although this struck a blow to his family, it was not until a group of marauding brigands surrounded and attacked his hometown that his life would change in a drastic way.

Brigands had always been an issue in the region, but his villages' low-notoriety helped them avoid any significant attacks for decades. His fathers growing fish business undoubtedly contributed to their decision to attack, and without any form of militia, the village was essentially helpless. They stole nearly everything the village had. When his father became enraged at the ringleader who ordered his men to take every crate of whitetailed fish they could find, he had his men dismember his every limb before staking his head in front of his family's home. For further punishment, the brigands took his mother captive, killed his remaining younger brother Eon (staking his head next to his fathers), and burned down half of the village. The Falcons of Autumn would arrive too late to save the village, but soon enough that they were able to track down the barbarians that burned down their village and murdered a host of families. Fortunately his mother survived the ordeal, and he and his older brother Dameon agreed to place her in an undisclosed location that would keep her safe. Although now a seasoned veteran to fighting, Dameon would slump into a deep depression for many years to come, constantly blaming himself for not arriving in time to save his family who he felt he had deserted. He quickly became deeply protective of his mother and Edgar in particular. Although Edgar would also blame his older brother for not being there, he soon came to realize there was nothing he could have done to prevent it.

By the time his village was attacked, Edgar was 16, and had a firm grasp on reality. Being a bright young man, he was already aware of how susceptible his village was to attack, so while it didn't come as a surprise, he also did not know how to deal with the brutal deaths of his family who he had relied on his entire life. This led him to grow into a calculating man who trusted very few while expecting the worst, and sowed the seeds for his hatred of the lawless.

Edgar's relationship with his father had always a beneficial one. His father was an impatient man, stern yet fair, and wanted to raise his children with more than he grew up with. His father could not stand failure, and when one of his shipments of fish went missing or arrived late, he became furious (rumor has it he threw more than a few incompetent workers over the docks, of whom couldn't swim). He instilled upon him a number of values, including tolerance, understanding, and ironically - patience. Edgar learned from his fathers faults just as much as he did his merits.

Current biography
Edgar currently serves as an adviser to the standing lord of House Fenshaw, Raynard Fenshaw, and to a lesser extent his sister, Ranel. He enjoys a (mostly) healthy relationship with Theodan, though the two often bicker due to differences in opinion when coming to a solution. Despite this, they share an admiration of respect for one another, stemming from both their similar professions and loyalty to the Fenshaws. Whereas Theodan prefers a more cautious and honorable approach to issues that may arise, Edgar prefers to instead succeed by any means necessary - including means that may be considered dishonorable. Preferring to work behind the scenes, his network of informants throughout Westeros keep him up-to-date and in the loop, ready to handle a multitude of situations. He is distrusted by Emond, although their neutral relationship is maintained due to their shared hatred for brigands and the lawless. Edgar is currently single - as he has been for the majority of his life - and also refuses to disclose the location of his mother, who resides somewhere in the North.

Whereas his family name of Fyste originally gained recognition for his fathers popular fish business, he has continued that recognition in a very different and unforeseen way. Edgar's enemies usually end up missing, dead, or badly injured; and as such he is more likely to be trifled with by those vying to do his own job than by any common criminal. He deals with those standing in his way without mercy, giving very little regard to the well-being of those who would attempt to undo his plans.


After the events of King's Landing, Edgar went into a rather "forced" retirement, if only to appease the remaining members of House Fenshaw. Having adequately angered nearly everyone, he was pleased that they eventually came to reason - that is, it would be unwise to simply banish him from Fenshaw lands. He secretly continued his work throughout that year and the next, propping Nera up to the task of Spymaster, to which he thought she was ready to take on. She proved to be invaluable at the task, however quickly and suddenly became ill. Edgar had amassed quite a bit of wealth since returning to the North, and was prepared to use it all if it meant returning Nera to good health. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, her health continued to deteriorate and eventually resulted in her untimely death. Striking Edgar hard, he prepared his things and left Falcon's Perch that same night, thinking it unbearable to stay around as a glorified "guest" of the House. Edgar would leave for a few years, seeking out his mother who had been living in an undisclosed location.

Ranel lived out the rest of her teenage years in Winterfell, eventually taking up the mantle for House Fenshaw when she came of age, officially relieving Theodan of his assumed role. She was surprisingly good at assuming a leadership role, and had grown up into an extremely logical woman. It was when she returned that she demanded a new Spymaster, a position which had remained vacant after Edgar's departure years ago. Upon learning that a massive bandit threat was unknowingly thwarted by Edgar without him ever informing her or wanting something in return, Ranel offered him a return to his position. Surprised by the offer, Edgar reluctantly agreed and rejoined House Fenshaw as its official Spymaster.

He would live out the rest of his days in service of the Fenshaw's, but would never start a family of his own. None ever became emotionally close with Edgar after King's Landing with the exception of Ranel, who perhaps ironically, came to become trusted friends with the man that had gotten her brother killed. Although she never forgave him, she learned to live with it, promising to banish him from the North if he ever put a royal life at risk again - at least without her consent.

Notable skills
- Incredibly skilled at persuading others to do his bidding.
- Is rumored to have a very particular taste in women, but it is hearsay.

Notable equipment
- An exquisite looking quill made entirely out of Valyrian materials. The body of the quill is believed to have been made with pure Valyrian steel, and the base has been altered to display a large Falcon feather. It is unknown how he obtained the quill, but it gives the ink a distinct shade when writing. Combined with his handwriting, it is very easy to distinguish a letter, note, or order written by Edgar.

Abilities (default value = 2)





Animal handling



































Destiny Points: 3

  1. Benefit/quality 1
  2. Benefit/quality 2
  3. Benefit/quality 3
  4. Benefit/quality 4

  1. Drawback 1
  2. Drawback 2


Intrigue defense

Combat defense


defensive bonus - armor penalty



will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x 3