external image latest?cb=20120514183739Name: Drogen's Forge
Location: Rhaenys Hill
Type: Service
Size: Two floor, large warehouse style building with the forge in the basement floor and the shop and living quarters on the top floor.
Condition: Pristine

Inhabitants: 'Golden Hands' Drogen and roughly 20 blacksmiths all studying under him.

Drogen's Forge has been in operation for the past 30 years and has supplied extravagant wares all across King's Landing. Led by the great blacksmith Drogen, who has been heard of far and wide by blacksmiths looking to hone their craft. The forge used to cater to any vagabond across Westerous but now since Robert's Rebellion almost exclusively maintains and forges the armor of the Goldcloaks. No one is quite sure why they stopped forging to the public and Drogen and his disciples have sworn to secrecy about the matter. However one may still acquire a piece of the great forge through its finely made tools distributed all across King's Landing. Though expensive they are a pretty common find among blacksmiths in the area and carry portions of the great craftsman Drogen's skill within them.