Name: Drevyn Myatt sss_schattenlandebuerger_by_avisnocturna-d834ayk.jpg
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Archetype: Moneylender
Location: Lockshy's Coin and Land
Affiliations: (if any (noble house, guild, etc.): He owes Peter Baelish a favor

Character Background and Description

Drevyn came from a family that owned a small shop. From adolescence he was schooled and taught how to run the family business, and showed prowess in matters of business. The business was growing and so was his father’s ego. One day his father bet the business in a hand of cards, and lost. Drevyn went from having a promising future to having no connections or possessions.

Drevyn works at Lockshy’s Coin and Land as a facilitator for loans. His main task is to find out whether or not the person will be able to pay back the loan or if they have sufficient holdings to be taken as collateral in the case that they fail to pay back. To do his job effectively he personally scouts out the property of the client.

A year ago Peter Baelish offered to get him his job here. The offer of silk clothes, a high salary, and flowery perfumes was a lifestyle he couldn’t turn down. He embraced them all. He is happy to have the life that was once ripped from him. It doesn’t even bother him that he agreed to one day falsify an unpaid loan in the name of one of Peter Baelish’s rivals. He doesn’t know when that day will come, or whose name the loan will be in, but he does know that if he has to rip away someone else’s gold to have his own, he is willing to do it.

Drevyn is a tan man from the many days he spent doing manual labor to live. He now powders his skin to look more elegant. He is sensitive to power differentials and will fly into a rage if anyone insinuates that he is poor, or ever has been poor.