Name: Donnel Moynemna_1084.jpg

Age: 42
Sex: Male
Archetype: Civilian Militia Commander
Location: The Roost
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description
Donnel Moyne is the current commander of The Roost, and leader of a band of civilian volunteers in the hamlet of Erricstead. This position was given to him after he railed the town in defense against a raid by some of the Red Claws bolder bandits. Donnel was born and raised in Erricstead, being the eldest son of farmer's. He has always been a blunt man, stubborn and never afraid to speak his mind. However behind this lies a certain kindness, a man who prefers diplomacy over violence and often is called upon to settle local disputes. However this kindness is not to be mistaken for a weakness, Donnel knows when the time for words has passed and will take up arms to defend his home if necessary. Donnel continues to value the merit of hard work, and refuses to ask others to do what he would not (however what he can do is often more than most can handle). Donnel posses a sort of stubborn humility, often brushing off praise with a brash comment. In fact, Despite the overwhelming desire of the town for Donnel to become their defacto leader in terms of defense, he refused. However he has a weak spot when it comes to his wife Lilliyan, as he is unable to say no to her. At Lilliyan's instance he begrudgingly accepted his role as the protector of Erricstead, and over time he came to peace with his role.

Donnel he is in excellent shape for a man of his age, often stronger than the young men he trains. He is rather compulsive about keeping clean shaven at the instance of his wife. Despite his role as commander of The Roost, he dresses quite plainly. His daughter is much more of a tomboy, and often beats up the other boys in town. Despite traditional values, Donnel seems to take a silent pride in this, believing northern woman should have a certain ferocity about them. Although still in perfect health, he understands he is getting older, and always has an eye out for new talent to eventually take his place (although he would never admit this openly).