Domerik Hunder

bandit.jpgName: Domerik Hunder
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Archetype: Criminal
Location: Fleabottom
Affiliations: none

Character Background and Description
Domerik is an unsavory individual, one who enjoys the finer things in life for one of his station; cheap alcohol, money, whores and the lot of that life. Born to a poor family in Fleabottom, he had little to hope for and even less to aspire to. As such, he took to the streets, eking out a life for himself starting with pickpocketing and moving from there on to heavier crimes. Committing his first robbery at the tender age of twelve, he quickly became accustomed to the harshness of his life, shortly after extinguishing that of the noblewoman he robbed. Though hesitant to take a life unnecessarily, he is quick to kill anyone who would threaten his life or operations. Despite this, Domerik enjoys a life of a robber and a thuggish one at that. He does deal in some illicit trafficking and black market trading, but his main income and true passion is the thrill of the hunt, to rob a promising victim, beating them down in broad daylight when he can. His primary hobby puts him at a bit of a risk, one which he tries to be more and more daring while doing. He might get caught one of these days, or worse, but until then, he will enjoy what he does. He is a physically fit individual, well-suited for his life of crime, though he bears far fewer scars than one of his lifestyle would.