Name: The Dire Finches867be0ad089b8bb2.jpg
Archetype: Trained Peasants

Location: Erricstead
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description
"The Dire Finches" Is the name of the trained peasant militia located in the Hamlet of Erricstead. They were unofficially founded when Donnel Moyne rallied the citizen of Erricstead in defense of a Red Claws raid. Despite suffering some losses they were successful in repelling the raid. The losses only served to emboldened the citizens of Erricstead, and steel themselves against further attack. The name "Dire Finches" was mockingly given to them by the Red Claws, seeing them as no more then little birds trying to act tough, however the name stuck and they stick to it with a stubborn pride. Despite being just peasant's, due to Donnel Moyne's strict training regimen, they are quite skilled. They posses a decent variety of iron weapons, and some mail, but no Armour. Despite having relative peace, they are kept in form by weekly drills. They are effective enough to have been entrusted with the handling of The Roost, and may even be called upon to handle smaller disputes in eastern Fenshaw lands.