Name: Dextran GarnerDextran Garner.png
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Archetype: Captain, Soldier
Location: Eisengold Residences
Affiliations: House Eisengold, House Garner, Eisen Guard

Character Background and Description
Dextran Garner, hailing from House Garner of the Westerlands, was never the strongest knight, or the fastest, but he could take a hit and always got back up on his feet. His habit of enduring persisted throughout his career as a warrior, culminating in a wealth of experience and wisdom gained from battles won and lost. After serving as a guard for House Garner for a number of years, Dextran eventually joined the Eisen Guard, looking to pit his skills against the Ironborn reavers known to plague the coasts of the Westerlands. His skills and service have since earned him the rank of captain. Like all members of the Eisen Guard, Dextran has been trained in both land and naval combat.

A gruff man, Dextran can be hard to get along with. His rough attitude has earned him few friends, but his lack of leniency on the greener recruits to the Eisen Guard has paid off, resulting in a competent fighting force. Since his promotion to captain, Dextran has gotten to know Lord Jorrel Eisengold and the two have developed a sort of rapport. As a man of action and physicality, the two disagree on matters more often than not, but still value each other’s opinion. Unsurprisingly, Dextran never has any reservations in telling the lord his exact thoughts.