Name: Death's Kissexternal image making_plantain_salve-4.jpg
Category: Salve
Size/weight: The salve only needs a teaspoon to be effective. Larger doses are more likely to kill, but cause more violent reactions.
Rarity: Uncommon due to people not wanting to use it and only being made from Waterfront herbs.
Value: 2 silver stags
Uses: As a last resort medical aid.

Location: Waterfront and some medical providers. More common in worse areas, like back alley surgeries.


Death’s Kiss is a salve used only by the most desperate. Made from grinding a variety of weeds and plants in the Waterfront, the resulting ointment has dubious healing properties.It’s applied either directly to sites of injury or to the patient’s lips.
The balm’s earned its name through its healing record. Claiming the lives of as many as it has saved, using is a gamble no matter the severity of the injury.
After its application, the patient immediately goes pale, their eyes become bloodshot, and they start convulsing wildly. If not restrained, even a positive result could lead to more damage than aid. From their, the recipient will either froth at the mouth and die, or calm down (with some residual convulsions) and go unconscious for up to two hours. Upon waking, they won’t remember anything past the application, but will be able to ignore their wounds, allowing the body to heal or to seek better attention.
The gambler’s cure all, Death’s kiss has saved people from the most severe infections, but also killed in the most minor. While some might think that makes it an excellent poison, the healing property makes it unreliable, and the convulsing makes dosages very public. There’s no rhyme or reason to the result, and few want to experiment with the salve.

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