Name: Darvin Kell bard_by_mobocanario-d8powf5.jpg
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Archetype: Entertainer (Musician)
Location: The Den ,
Affiliations: (if any (noble house, guild, etc.): None

Character Background and Description

Darvin plays the lute. He has spent his entire life from the Grassy Vale farm he grew up on to King’s Landing plucking the strings of his rosewood lute for the pleasure of others. His ultimate dream was to be hired by King Robert, but that never happened.

He has struggled for the past 16 years to even get enough food to eat or have a roof over his head. He is dirty from sleeping on the streets, and his hair is unkempt. Pride wouldn’t let him sell his lute or the dagger his father gave him when he left, just like how his pride wouldn’t let him return home for his father’s funeral. He couldn’t let his family know he has been writing letters full of lies of success. He has only become more resolved to pave his path with all the failure he’s faced, but his resolve often turns into foolishness.

He frequents taverns and busy street corners playing for tips. When he doesn’t get any tips he will step inches away from the person so that his greasy whiskers tickle their face as he plays his lute and bellows his tunes. When Darvin does get a tip, he moves on to the next person and does the same thing. He only ceases his forceful songs when he sees the guards coming, then he hauls out of there to another street or tavern to continue his art. He just wants to be able to make a living off his skill.

He does not take joy in the life he lives; he just doesn’t know how to do anything else. He would be a farmer, but that would require telling his family he has lied. Sometimes he wonders if he could save up enough money for a small patch of land, but those are just hopes because he rarely has more than a few coins to his name.

He has recently noticed the huge amounts of money being passed through the door of the Den and has begun to play there at least once a day. They give him a few coins to go away, but Darvin has no idea what the place is.