Vermeer_Lady_Maidservant_Holding_Letter.jpgName: Darlyne Storm
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Archetype: Lady's Maid to Elyse Rhyferth
Location: Tempest Hold
Affiliations: House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description
Not much is know about Darlyne's past before she came into Elyse Rhyferth's service. Darlyne is painfully shy and evasive of most questions. Between stammers and rushed words, she has admitted to being a bastard of a noble house and leaving of her own accord. Most people have learned not to press much farther, as doing so might trigger great anxiety in the young woman. Elyse is quite protective over her Lady's maid, keeping both their secrets close.

Darlyne came into Elyse's service a couple years ago, simply appearing at Tempest Hold one day. She seemed disoriented, a lost run away with nowhere to go. Elyse was strolling through the castle when she noticed the child stumbling throughout the halls. The two of them talked for a while and soon after Elyse insisted on making Darlyne her Lady's maid, having fired hers the day before. Fortunately, Darlyne proved to be a quick study, performing her duties quietly and diligently.

If Darlyne speaks, she mumbles and her eyes rarely leave the floor. Her submissive and shy nature proves off-putting to most but endearing to some, such as her mistress. It is hard to say if she aspires to anything beyond her work, a book being the only company she keeps in her spare time.
Secretly, she dislikes Channer Rhyferth and hopes his illness takes his life, finding his heir to be much kinder. Aside from that. she is neutral towards most people as long as they are civil and give her space. Darlyne tries her best to be sociable and kind, though with slight strain. As a result, she has no known enemies but at the same time few allies aside from Elyse Rhyferth.