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Character Name: Darius Rhyferth

Age: 20
Sex: Male
House: House Rhyferth

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue

Archetype/Concept: Heir

Disposition: Happy/Sympathetic
Mannerisms: Devout, Mildly Aloof
Distinguishing features: Piercing Blue Eyes

Factions/memberships/oaths: House Rhyferth

  1. Immediate: Connect with the people personally to promote success for House Rhyferth.
  2. Medium: Acquire long standing allies for support in House Rhyferth's restoration process.
  3. Life: Cement Rhyferth as a principle house economically and politically in Westeros.

  1. Artemis Rane - Head of Personal Guard
  2. Brenum Fentus - Financial Advisor
  3. Kearen Sekhmet - Heir to House Sekhmet
  4. Faelash Arqueth - Courtesan of House Sekhmet

Personal History/Backstory
Darius Rhyferth was born to Channer and Elyse Rhyferth. Being their only child and sole heir to House Rhyferth he was bred for command at a young age. He learned politics, economics, and military tactics amidst the towering book shelves in Maester Kober’s library. He practiced and honed his martial skills in the yards of Tempest Hold, under the master-at-arms Asten Errol. In his teens he met Carolyn Rhys, a girl born of well established grain farmers, in the market of Tempest Hold. He fell deeply in love, and the two of them would sneak off to Rhyferth’s Creek for picnic lunches. It was with her that Darius had his first kiss. One day however, Channer was informed of Darius’ activities and set out to put an end to such foolishness; he wouldn’t have his only son and heir running off with a lowly farm girl. He ordered that two-fifths of the Rhys family’s crops be harvested without pay and that their taxes be raised. This wasn’t the first example of Channer’s cruelty. Channer had a long history of being abusive towards his own son. When Darius did not attend dinner promptly he was beaten. When he didn’t speak up loud enough when asked, he was beaten. When he didn’t perform his morning duties perfectly, he was beaten. Channer’s favored way of threatening his son was with the family’s Valyrian Steel sword, Stormrend. Darius was primarily raised by his mother and the other elite members of House Rhyferth, such as Maester Kober, Artemis Rane, and Asten Errol. They made him into the man that would eventually replace his cruel and self-interested father. Channer gifted Stormrend to Darius when he fell ill. Knowing all too well of his father’s cruel intentions with the gift, he chose to have it stand as a new beginning. He vowed to be a better man than Channer, to serve House Rhyferth as his uncle Ronard once did. Never again would the people be afraid of the Rhyferth name, as he himself had closely come, through his father’s tyranny.

Current Biography
Darius Rhyferth current stands as the interim head of House Rhyferth. As his father falls into increasingly poor and mysterious health, he seeks to launch House Rhyferth into an era of prosperity, the likes of which it hasn’t seen since his uncle’s reign. He makes a point to get to know the people that serve House Rhyferth agriculturally and so forth, this is where he feels his time is currently best served. Darius looks to nearby houses to bolster support for Rhyferth. Opening trade routes and acquiring ally houses are his primary goals. To him, in order to give his house a chance to redeem itself and rise from the ashes, it must let it be known that it is a friend of Westeros. No longer is it a drug addicted shamble of a place, as it was under his father’s reign.

Journey To King's Landing
Within his first week in King's Landing, Darius met with Jaxson Slatefire to restore an heirloom shield of House Selmy, that was once his Uncle Ronard's when he was still under the family's charge. The heirloom was much too old to restore, and if attempted could be completely destroyed. Jaxson informed Darius of this potential issue, and the young lord decided it would be best to present to Barristan Selmy as just an heirloom, and not as a combat-ready shield.

Concluding the events in King’s Landing, Darius was faced with the many ups and downs of life. He missed the passing of his father due to his service as captain of the City Watch. He faced challenges in ruling House Rhyferth from King’s Landing but never let it fall. House Rhyferth was able to maintain an ongoing status quo, however it never had an opportunity to rise to the heights that Darius had intended.

In King’s Landing, Darius worked day after day to be a man of action, trying to prove to himself and others that he had what it took to bring honor to his house and his people. Though he gave it his all he never achieved the prestige and notoriety that he consistently strove for. Over the subsequent years he gradually filled with doubt over whether his actions would bring about a high standing reputation for him and House Rhyferth. After his 20th year of service to the Goldcloaks he stepped down as captain to pursue command of his house from Tempest Hold. It was a choice that tarnished his honor in King’s Landing, but offered him the chance to be among his own people and garner honor through service to them.

Darius rode out the rest of his life as the benevolent ruler of Tempest Hold. He married and had three children, a daughter and two sons. He took solace in knowing that despite not moving far up the ranks in King’s Landing, he always had the support of those closest to him. House Rhyferth continued on for years and years following his death, being small but persistent in its existence amidst the many houses of Westeros. Even to this day, the people of House Rhyferth remember Darius the Dutiful, a man who worked against the tide of infamy that his father had set before him.

Notable skills
List any personal or professional skills here.

Notable equipment
Starting Wealth: 12 Gold Dragons (equivalent to 2520 Silver Stags)
- Noble's Garb (300ss)
- Dagger
- House Rhyferth Signet Ring
- Large Shield with Rhyferth Crest (40ss, +4 defensive bonus)
- Stormrend
- Mail (500ss, +5 armor rating, -3 armor penalty)
- Lantern (2ss)
- Pavilion Tent (30ss)
- Myrish Lens (20ss)
- Maester's Kit (100ss)
- Backpack (1ss)
- Black Ink (20cp)
- Courser (600ss)
Remaining Wealth: 3 Gold Dragons, 2328 Silver Stags, 36 Copper Pennies

Abilities (default value = 2)





Animal handling











Stamina x 2












Convince x 2












Dedication x 2
Destiny Points: 4, Maximum 3 Benefits

  1. Dutiful (Requires Will 4): Enemies take -1D on Convince/Intimidate/Seduce.
  2. Heirloom (Requires Heir): Has a Valyrian Steel weapon in his possession (Stormrend).
  3. Favored of Nobles: +1B on Persuasion against 4+ status,

  1. Drawback 1
  2. Drawback 2


Intrigue defense

Combat defense


defensive bonus - armor penalty



will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x