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Name: Dameon Fyste
Age: 48
Sex: Male
Archetype: Veteran Horseman, Fighter, Torturer (rumored)
Location: The North (varies)
Affiliations: House Fenshaw, The Falcons of Autumn

Character Background and Description
Dameon Fyste is the eldest brother of the Fyste family, and older brother to Edgar. He grew up helping his fathers fish business, constantly riding along The Talon to deliver shipments to a host of paying customers. He joined The Falcons of Autumn at age 19, and has been among their ranks ever since. After the village where he was raised was nearly destroyed in its entirety by bandits along with most of his family, he became a reserved and bitter man - while also becoming extremely protective of his mother and only remaining brother. Similar to Edgar, he trusts very few people in his life and prefers to get things over with as quickly and efficiently as possible.

He currently holds a high ranking position within the distinguished cavalry unit, and has a great deal of respect for Emond Roebeck, a towering man who holds an even higher position, despite his relatively young age. Dameon's wife helped him continue his fathers fish business as he was often away on duty, which has enjoyed much success due to the majority of brigands being driven away from The Talon.


After The Falcons tracked down the bandits that burned his village and murdered his father and younger brother, he was determined to exact revenge to the fullest degree. Knowing they still had his mother captive, he also knew their attack had to be swift or else she might join his father. He pleaded with the standing commander, who had orders to kill every brigand involved by any means necessary, to enact a pincer attack after sundown when they would least expect it. The commander agreed that this was the best strategy regardless, and also allowed him to decide the fate of their leader, provided he survived the initial attack. Luckily for Dameon, the ringleader was taken captive. Witnesses to the event claim that Dameon took his time with a small blade, slowly dismembering his limbs (mirroring what he did to his father), being sure to cauterize each wound to prevent a quick death, before ultimately leaving his head to rot on a stake next to a barrel of stolen whitetailed fish. They also account that he was particularly efficient at killing the inauspicious ringleader.