external image ferdinand-magellan.jpgName: Daman Santerly
Age: 52
Sex: Male
Archetype: Merchant
Location: The Sand Borough
Affiliations: House Martell

Character Background and Description
Daman Santerly longs for "the good old days" under Targaryen rule. An old Dornish merchant, he earned his considerable wealth through buying and selling imported wines and goods. He looks at the state his old community is in with sorrow, and desires to make it great once again. He hosts friendly welcomes to visiting Dornish nobility, and has helped fund a number of local businesses owned by Dornish families. As a result, he is well-known and has many friends within the Dornish community in King's Landing.

Daman holds a grudging view of Robert Baratheon as king. Daman holds a deep sense of loyalty to Dorne and House Martell, and felt a great loss upon hearing of the death of Princess Elia. He believes that the master bears the guilt for his servant's crimes, and so he blames King Robert personally for all of the wrongdoings which occurred during the usurpation. For obvious reasons, Daman keeps his views to himself, but he has a number of supporters who meet in secret and discuss what might be done to revenge Elia and Dorne. Recently, their talks have mostly been reminiscing about times long past, when the Sand Borough was thriving and everyone knew their place... But should a proactive dissident arise, Daman Santerly would surely make a powerful ally.