Goldcloak_(The_Wolf_and_the_Lion).jpgName: Daltis Long
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Archetype: Gold Cloak
Location: King's Landing, Night Angler
Affiliations: House Baratheon

Character Background and Description

Daltis Long is a member of the Gold Cloaks, serving the Baratheons of King's Landing. He prides himself on being one of the best fighters of the Seven Kingdoms, although many will argue that his skills will never rival the Mountain or the Hound. He is quick to offer advice that no one has asked for and is known for starting off his sentences with, "I don't mean to be presumptuous but..."

Although for his lack of tact he is a man with honor and loyalty, and a good sense of morality. He is aware of how the political game is played but he is not one to participate himself. He is sworn to uphold the law in King's Landing and that's his only intention as a Gold Cloak.

During his down time he is often seen at the Night Angler, a rather poor brewery located on the Waterfront. He is aware of the shady dealings going on in the brewery but has never been able to gather enough evidence to prove the misdeeds as such. Nevertheless he has been rather persistent with his investigation and most of the locals call him, "Long Shot," due to the fact that it's quite a long shot to his investigation coming to fruition.

Although he is a Gold Cloak and is currently investigating the shady nature of the Night Angler, he has become acquaintances with some of the locals at the pub. He has come to learn of the people's struggle in King's Landing but due to his presumptuous nature he acts as if he already knows this, and proceeds to do nothing about it. Slowly but surely though he has become a bit more humble in nature due to his congregations and interactions with the people of the Night Angler.