Name: Cruel Eyed Septa508031.jpg
Age: 60
Sex: Female
Archetype: Silent Sister
Location: The Nine Arms of Hell
Affiliations: The Stranger (Patron Deity)

Character Background and Description
A pale, sickly woman with a glare as cold as ice, whose true name has long been forgotten. Wearing worn and tattered septa robes, and walking with a hunch. She owns little but what she can scavenge off the dead.
Born to a whore in Flea Bottom, this woman was surrounded by death and misery from the moment she came into this world. Even at a young age she was never bothered by the dead bodies she would see in the streets of Flea Bottom. In truth she had always had a morbid fascination with death, often examining these bodies. She was obsessed with learning how different injury's could affect the body, and always "experimented" with a cold emotionless glare. Raised strictly on the faith of the seven she was always drawn toward's the Stranger. When she came of age she decided to unify her faith and her fascination with the dead, and became a Silent Sister. One day she was tasked with preparing a brutally beaten man with several fascinating wounds of which she had never seen the likes of before. More and more body's such as this kept pouring in, and her delight only grew. The other sister's noticed this, and thus stopped giving her such duties. Unable to fulfill her dark urges she set out to find the source of the corpses. She eventually stumbled upon The Nine Arms of Hell, a brutal fighting pit beneath Flea Bottom. Here she could have access to all the bodies she could ever dream of. However wind of this soon reached the other sister's, and for her sick perversion's she was excommunicated from the faith.
It has been many years since her excommunication, and although she still tend's to the dead of the Nine Arms, she no longer gets the same pleasure she did in her youth, and has been forced to live on scraps and the charity of other's. Now bitter and old, she is only known for her cruel and icy gaze. Rarely taking her eyes off the dead, and still adhering to her vow of silence, a chill can be felt in her presence. It is rumored that if you meet her gaze you are destined to die in your next fight.