sample_bldg.pngName: Crimson Keep
Location: Dorne
Type: Castle
Size: Small
Condition: Sturdy

Inhabitants: Kradok Sekhmet and his family.
Vrodan Thrindor
Personal guard and garrisons when not on duty.

This castle has seen more than its fair share of battles and its pock-marked walls show this. Weathering all sorts of combat from bandit skirmishes to house on house warfare the Crimson Keep has stood the test of time. Founded by the original bastard back during the Rhoynar invasion after he left House Osiron, the keep holds much Dornish history within its walls. The outside of the keep is less than ornate owing to being built in a time of need, but the inside of the keep tells a different story. Holding many mementos of the dead House Osiron, the inside of the keep is both a testament to the old house’s villainy and a proclamation to house Sekhmet’s conquered hardships. However, neither the mementos now the pock-marked walls contain the true value of the keep for the Crimson Keep is also a place of knowledge. Many merchants may come to the marketplace to trade but many maesters come to the keep to marvel at is architecture. The speed at which it was built and the age it still stands at are a minor marvel to behold.