Living_History_Footweart1.jpgName: Covert Clogs
Category: Fashion, shoes with hidden compartments
Size/weight: Varies, depending on the model. Usually weighs less than a normal shoe of that type when empty.
Rarity: Uncommon
Value: Varies depending on model and quality, usually between 2-10 stags.
Uses: To store/hide small objects to prevent their theft or discovery

Location: Among various clients, occasionally sold at Fish and Ships, Pyre's Pawnshop, and other general stores, trading posts, and pawnshops. Sometimes used by certain members of the Tufted Titmice.

With the rise of numerous thieves' guilds and common criminals, many people were victims of this growing epidemic. After being pick-pocketed five times while buying supplies, the shoemaker Kieran had enough. He spent two months crafting the prototypes for a shoe with a hidden compartment. Soon it was finished and Kieran eagerly began selling them. Within a few weeks, they had been selling out rapidly, prompting Kieran to experiment with different styles and models of shoe. He was thrilled to see so many believed in his dream for safety and wanted to weaken the thief trade. Unfortunately for him, the shoe ended up doing the opposite, as it was more often bought by thieves and other criminals to store stolen goods. Many even used the shoes to bypass guards searches, with none of them thinking to look inside them.

Upset that he ironically aided criminals, Kieran stopped making the shoes but the damage was already done. To this day, the shoes are still in circulation, occasionally popping up in various stores such as Pyre's Pawnshop and Fish and Ships. Some members of the Tufted Titmice thieves guild also use these for smaller scale operations or for initiates to borrow while pick-pocketing.

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