external image 07854d21a5245b6ad88ca196e5c06e6f.jpgName: Conin Hornbrooke
Age: 53
Sex: Male
Archetype: Merchant, Thief
Location: Tufted Titmice Headquarters
Affiliations: Tufted Titmice

Character Background and Description
Conin has dark brown eyes and hair, which sits in an unkempt mess. In contrast, he takes fine care to make sure his facial hair and clothing are cleanly trimmed and set. He wears clothing of his financial status, though his appearance does not stave off those of lower classes who know of his true position. Notably, he uses a walking cane everywhere, but many are sure this to be a ruse. Despite his age and stoutness, he is very lively and a quite capable individual.

Formerly just a failing merchant, Conin became a quick success using thievery to steal many rare and exotic treasures. He was a great thief, making enough money to buy a luxurious house and create a boon in both his businesses, but age was beginning to hinder his abilities. Not wanting to lose the wealth he had become so accustomed to, Conin began teaching his skills to others. He began recruiting young, taking in orphans off the streets. After sheltering them for several days, showering them with fine clothes and food and filling them with tales of his prime, he offers them a chance to join his close-knit community. Eventually, his students grew until the Tufted Titmice were born.

While his original intentions in forming the Tufted Titmice were lead by greed, the sense of community within it infected his cold heart. He sees his students as family, and is as loyal to them as they are to him. This further strengthens his bond with members. Though he is loving within the community, anyone outside of it is fair game. The Tufted Titmice care not who they steal from, or what they steal.

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