cane.jpgName: Conin's Cane
Category: Weapon, Cane
Size/weight: About 3', 2lbs
Rarity: Unique
Uses: Walking stick, hidden blade

Location: Conin Hornbrooke

A wooden cane owned by Conin Hornbrooke. It is an exquisite piece of work, made of dual iron (iron and ironwood) uniquely made for the man. The cane's maker is unknown, likely paid off by Conin to constrain knowledge of its secret, but many are sure the work to be of some superior craftsman. In addition to its use as a benign walking stick, and an item to give Conin a more feeble appearance, his cane also conceals a hidden blade. By rotating the rings on the hilt to the proper position, it unlocks the blade from the sheathe, producing a deadly weapon in the nick of time. Conin only uses the blade as a last resort though.

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