NCoin knife.jpgame: Coin Blade
Category: Weapon
Size/weight: Almost indistinguishable from whatever coin it is disguised as.
Rarity: Uncommon
Value: Usually 1.5 times the value of the coin it is disguised as.
Uses: Concealed weapon

Location: Sharpened Stick Shop

Description: The coin Blade is probably one of the most devious and treacherous weapons designed. Its name is accurate and its design is simple: a modified coin designed to accommodate a small blade that can be folded out into a slashing or thrusting position. The blade itself is not long enough to inflict lethal injury outright, though multiple slashes can easily find a shallow blood vessel. However, it is more common for the blade to be coated in poison, usually slow-acting to allow the victim to escape, and the culprit have less of a chance to be tied to the crime. Those who can't afford poison may coat their blade in feces and blood, often left to fester for a while before inflicting a wound that is almost certain to become septic.