cocktails.jpgName: Cocktail
Category: Beverage
Size/weight: Several ounces
Rarity: Common in wealthier portions of the city
Value: Varies
Uses: Alcoholic beverage

Location: Essos Square

Description: There are many alcoholic beverages in King's landing, ranging from the brackish sludge brewed in Fleabottom to the fine wine reserved only for royal occasions. However, cocktails are the name for a variety of exotic beverages usually mixed with other ingredients such as juices, liquors or even other substances. Many are from the more exotic places of the world, some hailing from Dorne, where snake venom or pepper may be added for a kick, or the free cities, where what is mixed is a carefully guarded secret. Regardless of origin, cocktails are a refreshing way to spice up any occasion, be it a royal gathering, or simply relaxing after a long day.