external image mitsutoyotobikko.jpgName: Clarion Flathead Roe

Category: Food

Size/weight: Obtained and sold in small quantities

Rarity: Very rare outside of Sanctuary Lake, where it is harvested in relative abundance

Value: Very high

Uses: Delicacy to be spread on wafers of bread or as a garnish to cut through oilier fish

The roe of the Clarion Flathead, a bland whitefish usually used for fish stock, has been manipulated by a chef in Braavos with a potent blend of seasoning salts and spices and has overnight become a culinary sensation, eaten either alone on crackers, thin slices of bread, or used as a spread or garnish on larger fish dishes. The population of the Clarion Flathead is low and has nearly been fished out in the Free Cities, where the chefs can no longer keep up with demand. Food aficionados in Oldtown, always seeking to explore the exotic fads of the east, are now demanding their own shipments of Clarion Flathead roe. Emilya Reed's wealth has doubled as she managed to corner the Clarion Flathead market coming out of Lakeview Commons and in turn has the potential of making House Sekhmet an enormous amount of money.