external image 11.jpgName: Channer Rhyferth
Age: 49
Sex: Male
Archetype: Lord
Location: Tempest Hold
Affiliations: House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description
Channer Rhyferth is one of Lyonel Selmy's bastard sons. He is the current Lord of House Rhyferth, a title which passed to him after his elder brother five years senior Ronard Rhyferth died.

Before house Rhyferth was created by his brother, Channer and Ronard were involved in a plot to kill the heir apparent of House Selmy. Channer led the raid that would cover up the poison that killed the heir, Garon Selmy, administered by Ronard himself. Lord Lyonel Selmy bestowed a small amount of land to Ronard to reward their actions. Ronard grew their lands and holdings through his wise leadership for some time. During this time, Channer was married to Elyse Horpe, and they have one son.

When Robert Baratheon went to war, Ronard contributed many soldiers and followed him into battle. While he was gone, Channer became the ward of Tempest Hold and acting head of household for House Rhyferth. Channer enjoyed the power he held and the luxuries he could indulge in. His loyal servant Cerran Fender also took part in some of these enjoyments. When Ronard returned from the war, Channer was more than reluctant to give up his temporary seat, and concocted a scheme to kill Ronard. Cerran followed his plan and poisoned him.

In the years that followed Channer's poor leadership became obvious. The wealth and land that House Rhyferth possessed dwindled due to his irresponsible use of money. No one loyal to House Rhyferth is particularly happy under Channer's rule.

Recently, Channer has fallen ill, and his health is becoming worse over time. His son has taken over many of his duties with the assistance of Cerran.