Name: Castor Steffieldexternal image 17250b49c602961718539badae06a767.jpg
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Archetype: Peasant Soldeir
Location: Baker's Barracks
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description
A member of the Fenshaw guard going to King’s Landing, Castor does not fit the image many think when they hear the word soldier. Little older than a boy, his lanky frame still has the signs of someone yet to grow into their limbs. And despite those proportional problems, he still only stands at five feet five inches. Castor has standard issue equipment: soft leather armor, a short sword, and a small kite shield.

While many in the Fenshaw claims would be happy to just make it another week, Castor’s always been interested in the lands beyond his farm. After getting conscripted into the forces, he didn’t complain, but dutifully, almost eagerly, took to the his new employment. He hoped to see something beyond the North, and got his wish when selected to be part of the force to head to Westeros’s capital.

Castor wants to see as much of the city as he can, but knows his low position in the military will likely keep him polishing arms or watching the horses. However, despite the intelligence he shows about his duties, he doesn’t understand when to keep his mouth shut, and has gotten into the occasional scrap in the barracks when asking unintentionally invasive questions. He’s constantly wondering about why people act the way they do, either politically or socially, but is too inexperienced to be able to use that curiosity to his advantage.

Despite his inquisitiveness, Castor also wants to make sure he gets home alive. While he’s not above sneaking out of his post to see the sights, he won’t make risky decisions and rarely will put himself in undue danger. Despite his military equipment, he can hardly wield it effectively and will be more of a liability than an asset in most fights. Instead, Castor prefers to sneak ahead and scout out situations, a position he's proven rather effective at.

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