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Name: Castellan Cerran Fender
Sex: Male
Age: 43
Archetype: Schemer
Location: Tempest Hold
Affiliations: House Rhyferth

Character Background and Description
Cerran Fender served under Channer Rhyferth while he watched over Tempest Hold in the stead of his elder brother Ronard. He reveled in the luxuries that Channer allowed him and did all he could to protect them. When Channer approached him with a plan to permanently pass lordship to himself, Cerran was almost eager to assist him. Cerran obtained and put the poison in the last cup of wine that Lord Ronard Rhyferth would ever put to his lips.

Over the years of Channer’s poor leadership Cerran advised him to slow the intake of his indulgences, though not for the purpose of wise council. Cerran’s logic was that any extravagance became less so when enjoyed a second time, and though they had a rather twisted relationship, he was grateful to Channer for allowing him the leisure he himself enjoyed. That did nothing to quell his appetite however. Because of the emptying of the house coffers those comforts are fewer and farther between. So Cerran made sure that a new, slower acting poison soon found its way into the more frequent indulgences of Lord Channer.

As Channer's health declines, Cerran has taken to more frequent interactions with the son and heir of the house, hoping to reclaim the lost wealth of the house and secure his life of luxury. He sees much of Ronard within the heir and believes that with some subtle guidance he can rebuild the house to it's former status.