Carn Himan.pngName: Carn Himan
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Archetype: Peddler
Location:Visenya's District, Raist's Respite

Affiliations: Smallfolk

Character Background and Description
Born to a pair of bakers among the smallfolk of Visenya’s District, Carn Himan is not as poor as some. His family has never starved, though they do not manage more than getting by. Seeing his parents work hard each day, Carn wanted better for them, and in hopes of bringing in an income of his own, decided to pursue a business venture. Spending the only three silver stags to his name, Carn painstakingly crafted a metal mold in the shape of a fish. His parents decided to indulge his entrepreneurship and lent him use of the family’s oven and ingredients. Carn’s first batch of Fish Cakes, filled with a sweet jelly, sold out before midday and he happily returned to his parents with a purse of coin. Since then, Carn has continued to sell Fish Cakes each day, peddling primarily around Raist’s Respite. Due to the relative success of his small business, Carn has recently started experimenting with other fillings such as vegetables and actual fish.

A young man of fourteen, Carn likes to wear his chocolate brown hair long, even though it gets in his eyes sometimes. Inspired by the dedication and hard work of his parents, Carn has grown into a virtuous young man, looking to do everything he can to improve his family’s lot in life.