Ndhmurray-architecture-campbell-stables-horse-farm-hamptons-new-york-stable-exposed-truss-stable-room_large.jpgame: Brod's Ironshods
Location: Waterfront
Type: Tradesman
Size: Extremely large
Condition: Not great, but not awful

Inhabitants: Brod Darwood and The Ironshods

Brod’s Ironshods is the “premier” animal hostel for those traveling in and out of the Waterfront. Originally designed for ship construction, the substantial building is situated right next to one of King's Landing's many major trade hubs.

The structure itself is in... not terrible quality, but sections of the stabling have been known to collapse from time to time. The large, unbelievably odorous warehouse is a prime destination for two kinds of people. Those who are lucky enough to have an animal that needs stabling, but too poor to care for them or live outside the Waterfront, and those who are traveling and don’t know the Ironshods’ reputation.

Brod’s survives mostly on the wages of the numerous people who use the Waterfront’s docks for extended travel. These poor fools frequently return to malnourished, injured, or even dead mounts, but the Ironshods who work there don't get many complaints.

The Ironshods are Brod's enforcers and workers, said to be completely unable to smell - but they still stink! (sorry) Working with unruly animals all day is an excellent way to become muscular and - unsurprisingly - terribly coarse and ill-mannered. Their disparaging attitude is legendary, even in the Waterfront, but customers have no recourse for stabling nearby and are stuck with Brod's. Brod himself is the source of many stories - for example, those who live nearby say he died in the building, but the body was never found - and remains the cause of the area's unbelievable stench.