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external image merchant_of_venice10.jpgCharacter Name:

Brenum Fentus

Age: 29
Sex: Male
House: Rhyferth

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: Approx 160 lbs
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green

Archetype/Concept: Expert of Mercantile and Diplomacy and Adviser to House Rhyferth

Disposition: Relatively optimistic, warm and engaging, but he always comes at things from a calculated angle. He will take risks if he believes there is a potential payout and functions with an even mix of well tested methods and unpredictable tactics.

Mannerisms: Talks under his breath when irritated. Always keeps his hands at his sides or is holding something.

Distinguishing features: A long scar diagonally across his back.

Factions/memberships/oaths: House Rhyferth adviser.

  1. Immediate: Acquire funds and status for House Rhyferth and the heir.
  2. Medium: Assist House Rhyferth out of their downward spiral.
  3. Life: Establish a lasting personal legacy.

  1. Darius Rhyferth
  2. Aiana Bayle
  3. Feyana Deirei

Personal History/Backstory

Brenum Fentus is the son of a village blacksmith and his wife. They lived fairly simple lives, just making ends meet. Brenum spent much of his time assessing his fathers craft, though he had no real talent when creating his own. When he was twelve, a merchant came through town from Tempest Hold and asked for a favor: to deliver a parcel to the innkeeper in town. On completion of the task, the merchant gave him a choice: to receive 3 pennies or half a square yard of linen. He told Brenum that while coins were valuable, the goods they bought were what mattered. Brenum took the merchant's advice and chose the linen. He introduced the merchant to his father, who set up a contract with the merchant.

Brenum soon sold the linen for 20 pennies. Overjoyed, Brenum decided he wanted to be like the merchant who had given him this gift. When the merchant returned, Brenum told the merchant of his success. From then on, he and the merchant would trade, and Brenum would do business in the village, accruing a little more wealth at a time. Eventually, the merchant stopped coming, and Brenum decided to leave the village to pursue a life such as his. He had his father create a necklace out of one of his first coppers to materialize his decision, and left.

Eventually, Brenum built up a reputation and a small savings. He had created a relationship with some lower nobility and they made contracts with him. At one point, the house he did the majority of his trade with entered a squabble with a neighbor. They asked for his assistance in negotiations for peace. He obliged, but the enemy betrayed them, and slashed Brenum across the back as he was leaving the negotiation site, creating a scar and wounding his shoulder almost permanently. While Brenum recovered, he learned much about the hardships of battle and some strategy from his noble acquaintances. They all eventually died in the house rivalry however.

Seeking a new noble contact, Brenum went to Tempest Hold, the home base of the merchant who had started him on his path. There he met the heir of House Rhyferth, Darius and saw in him the same potential that the merchant had seen within himself those years ago. He established a home base, and worked his way into the castle as an adviser for trade and diplomacy,seeing a desperate need for budgeting improvements.

Current biography
Brenum still carries out his individual trade, but he has merchants in his employ to do it for him. His position as adviser of mercantile and diplomacy allows him many connections, such as Aiana Bayle and Feyana Deirei. He wishes to bring House Rhyferth out of its downward spiral, a task well difficult with the irresponsible spending of Channer Rhyferth. Brenum wishes to impart financial wisdom to Darius and will use his skill to assist and tutor him in whatever way he can. In his pursuit of a higher position in which he may help Darius, Brenum has created a small yet loyal network of merchants/informants.

Having separated from House Rhyferth, Brenum spent the early part of his life in a series of wildly successful and incredibly catastrophic trades, landing him in sticky situations many times. Often he would wind up penniless again, only to find some way to become independently wealthy again. Eventually he got a handle on when something smelled too good to be true and settled to become a successful merchant, though he would never be incredibly wealthy. His days were marked by a quiet happiness, though he remained unsatisfied at his wealth.

He married Lexia Hergold in his late thirties, who left her position as the keeper of Noble’s Nest, and they had three sons and a daughter. He taught his trade to all four, though only two of his son’s would become merchants. His third son had a talent for shaping things and became a blacksmith in King’s Landing. His creations were often sought out by nobles or aristocrats as decoration pieces, though he never became famous. When she was old enough, their daughter was married to a fairly wealthy merchant family, and used the skills her father had taught her to influence the decisions of the head of house.

In his sixties, Brenum caught a disease and fractured his ribs coughing. He spent his final days in his bed at home in pain, but surrounded by his family, as the disease did its work. He passed his inheritance to his merchant son’s, and Lexia left to live with her daughter until she died three years later of natural causes.

Notable skills
Expert merchant and diplomat, he has a way with the spoken word and charisma that makes others listen to him. He understands the value of an object merely by looking at it, though the more detail he can get, the better.

Notable equipment
He has mules and a wagon, with goods for sale (these mostly consist of fabrics and spices).

Abilities (default value = 2)





Animal handling





Empathy 1B














Education & Streetwise 1B




Bargain & Convince 1B


Reputation & Breeding 1B










Dedication 1B
Destiny Points: 4 (3 invested, 1 Available)

  1. Cadre: A special Veteran Squad of informants [Stealth, Persuasion, Knowledge]
  2. Wealthy: Replenish Coffers each month.
  3. Charismatic: +2 on all Persuasion Tests

  1. Flaw: Marksmanship: -1D on Marksmanship Tests


Intrigue defense

Combat defense

8 + Armor (Leather (2 - 1)) = 9

defensive bonus - armor penalty



will ranks x 3

endurance ranks x 3