Name: Bradyn EisengoldBradynEisengold.jpg
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Archetype: Heir
Location: Lyonhall
Affiliations: House Eisengold

Character Background and Description

Bradyn is the first and only son of the current Lord Eisengold, and the sole heir of House Eisengold. He spent his childhood as any noble male child does, learning his place in the world and preparing to take over the House when his father passes on. For the most part, he was healthy enough and had no trouble performing the tasks given him by his father and teachers. However, around the time of his sixteenth birthday, Bradyn came down with a mysterious wasting sickness, and has yet to recover. Despite the efforts of Maester Tian Rui, the illness has only steadily gotten worse over the past year, prompting Lord Eisengold to take other actions to see to the well being of the House.

Outside of the House, Bradyn's illness is unknown; a body double was found among the smallfolk in Nemisport, and the members of the House and their servants were sworn to secrecy on the matter through a combination of bribes and threats. Most who go to meet the young heir actually meet with this double, Tugg, and never know the difference. Whatever feelings Bradyn may have had towards his servants before he came down with the wasting sickness, he currently has a very amicable relationship with them, particularly Tian Rui to whom he is eternally grateful for his attempts at curing the illness and Tugg for his brilliant imitation that is currently ensuring the stability of the house. Bradyn spends most of his days bedridden, but he is frequently consulted on matters of how he would like himself portrayed.

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