brewery.jpgName: Brackwell Brewers
Location: Flea Bottom
Type: Brewery
Size: Small, almost impossible to imagine this is a brewery rather than a shack
Condition: Worn-down quite heavily, on its way out

Inhabitants: Tae Brackwell is the only person who lives in a small room in the back of the brewery, the place usually only hosts at most a dozen people. On some nights, the thief Sibas Qorgyle can be found just outside.

Originally a brewery started by Tae and Crag Brackwell. A few years ago Crag came back with a small fever and sore throat. His illness worsened as they couldn't afford medicine or a healer to treat him at the edge of flea bottom. About a month later Crag past away and Tae now is the only one who runs the brewery.

Both the interior and the exterior is heavily worn down due to its lack of care and maintenance. The walls are made from dark willow wood that has become damp and musty over the years. It's apparent there are many cracks and fissures on the walls which ironically provides the place with its only source of sunlight. The brewery isn't very well lit, with only a few candles around the perimeter. Right outside the entryway, a dangling wooden sign etched with a picture of a pitcher allows others to see that its a brewery. The brewery holds about a dozen people at a time. The seating arrangement includes two 10 feet oak tables, and 13 wooden stools scattered around the area. On a day to day basis the brewery serves, cheap beer, ale, and pomegranate juice to the residence of flea bottom. However not many people prefer the juice as it was very common for the fruits in the area to be rotten or infested with ailment.