beer.jpegName: Brackwell's Classic
Category: Drinks
Size/weight: 12 Oz
Rarity: Common
Value: Varies
Uses: Drinking

Location: Brackwell Brewers

Description: Brewed by Tae Brackwell, Brackwell's Classic is 1 of 3 drinks provided in Brackwell's Brewery. What started off as a decently tasting beer recipe created by her husband has now become one of the cheapest beers in Flea Bottom. The beer costs anything customers want to offer as Tae's only source of income is the brewery. The beer is usually warm and flat, coming from stored away oak barrels; it is not uncommon for the beer to taste sour in some cases as Tae uses a mix of rotten and fresh hops. The beer is served in dirtied horn mugs that are reused from customer to customer. Although it is named Brackwell's Classic, there isn't actually other variations of the drink provided in the brewery.