d8f3860a216815bcc4741f5d289deaa8.jpgName: Bracks Pryor
Sex: Male
Archetype: Stable master
Location: Falcon's Perch
Affiliations: House Fenshaw

Character Background and Description

Bracks is in his mid thirties, and has a receding hairline and overweight build. He also has long gray sideburns. He refuses to accept anyone’s authority over his in equine matters, but talks little in unrelated discussions. While hardly athletic, he always seems capable of maintaining the stable. Bracks has a wife, Talanna, who gave him two sons Dontin and Shale. Both are currently being trained to be stable masters by their father.

Bracks Pryor’s an experienced stable hand, and has worked with horses as long as he can remember. While many of the workers at Falcon's Perch came to the seat of the Fenshaw’s domain, the Pryor family has been their as long as the lords. They trace their lineage back to Bernarr Pryor, who came with Erric Fenshaw when he first earned the land. No one in either the eastern or western lands of House Fenshaw have managed to be better with the steeds as the Pryors. Each member has worked closely with their lord, maintaining both the mounts of the Falcons of Autumn and other livestock. No Pryor has ever approved of needlessly sending the animals out to war, and Bracks continues to argue that the horses shouldn’t be brought into combat against bandits, as he views them unnecessary to use when fighting the rabble.
Bracks doesn’t buck the trend. Like each stable master before him, he sees to the every need of the war mounts personally, not even letting the blacksmiths, regardless of experience, shoe the horses. He takes great pride in caring for them, and will go into week long depressions should any horse die in combat. Bracks, more so than any other Pryor, has tended to ignore his other responsibilities of stable master - he lets pages manage the other animals.

Due to his amount of interaction with the horses, he determines any assignments the troops may have. Even the most loved squire doesn’t get to pick their mount - Bracks does. If he thinks the horses aren’t treated right, he’ll refuse to let the rider return, unless the lord himself comes down to correct him. This has caused difficulty during bandit raids or when mobilizing for the Greyjoy rebellion (his father was the acting stable master during Robert’s, but wasn’t much nicer). Ultimately, he’ll answer to any demand of his lord, but he won’t follow any other.

Some claim that the Pryor’s are greenseers, or at least wargs, but no evidence exists beyond their incredible understanding of the stable denizens.

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/chris_obrien500/rpg-npc-portraits/