Name: Bracker Roxson
angry-jesus.jpgAge: 35
Sex: M
Archetype: Anointed Knight
Location: The Dragon's Tail
Affiliations: None

Character Background and Description
Granted knighthood by a minor lord after a battle, Bracker Roxson found himself ascended in status overnight. During the skirmish, he was the only survivor of a pincer strike by the enemy. After they were wiped out by his army's cavalry, the house's head believed he was responsible for incredible feats of combat due to his survival.
However, Bracker only lived because he was trying to run away. Unfortunately, he's a terrible coward with little to no battle prowess. When the lord pushed him into a joust, Bracker was hobbled and - after he ran (figuratively) away from that situation, he found himself in King's Landing. Unable to get much work but still in possession of his former house's crest, he settled down in Flea Bottom in a cheap tenement. The family's name, however minor, still gains him respect and (usually) free food from nearby, letting him, at least, live.
Bracker is understandably bitter about his experiences and although he is subject to some charity, he is practically unapproachable. He is tremendously irritable and rude and can be found limping almost anywhere around Flea Bottom. His crippled leg and useless arm serve to further alienate him as well as prevent him from earning his own keep.
All Bracker cares about is getting by. He doesn't want to be a hero, a warrior, or a saint. He doesn't care about fame or riches or others, he just wants to have enough gold to eat and sleep. Bracker has no hopes or goals, he just lives miserably.