Poison_Throwing_Dagger_item_artwork_BG2.pngName: Black's Dagger
Category: Dagger
Size/weight: Small, weight around 5 lbs. Easy to conceal
Rarity: Extremely rare
Value: 2 gold dragons
Uses: Stealth assassinations

Location: Wisps of Qohor

Description: This special dagger can only be found in the Wisps of Qohor located in Visenya's Hill. It looks to be just like any other dagger and one would not think much of it at first glance. The worshipers of the Black Goat use this dagger to perform their sacrificial rituals. They believe the dagger to be blessed by the Black Goat, but in actuality the dagger is coated in an undetectable poison that destroys the organs of it's victims. The dagger itself doesn't do much damage due to its size and weight, but with the poison, it becomes an invaluable asset. Even just a small nick from this dagger is enough to start the the process of decay inside the victim's body. The death is a long and agonizing one and it may take days for someone to finally succumb to their internal wounds. Many thieves and assassin's have tried to obtain this dagger, and most have perished in their pursuit of it. The worshipers of the Black Goat keep the dagger close to them, for it is an essential part of their practice, and will kill anyone who tries to take it from them. The dagger has not been seen above ground and remains in the Wisps of Qohor until someone is willing enough to take the risk to steal it for themselves.