Name: Beran Dreimen
Age: 20thief.jpg
Sex: Male
Archetype: Thief
Location: Tufted Titmice Headquarters
Affiliations: Tufted Titmice

Character Background and Description

To Beran the streets of King's Landing were more than just a mode of travel, they were a second home. Growing up on the street taught the young man quite a lot about the hardships of life and even before joining the Titmice Beran was already a competent thief in his own right. Stealing only what he needed to keep himself afloat, he concentrated on things like food and pick pocketing small items to resell later. This culminated in Brenan attempting to steal from an unsuspecting merchant and resulted in him being offered a job instead. The man that the young thief had tried to burgle was in fact Conin, head of the Tufted Titmice. The older thief offered Brenan a choice, either he could join his guild of thieves or he would this burglary to the authorities. Since Brenan prided himself on making smart decisions he decided to humor the the older gentleman and join his merry band.

Quickly he realized how good a decision it was as living in the guild's headquarters was nicer than he could ever have imagined. Now wearing fine clothes and treated with respect, the young man helped train other new initiates and carried out far more complex heists than he could ever have imagined. He even got to sleep in a bed, a concept entirely foreign to the former street urchin. He lived a life of luxury eating exotic foods from the stalls in the Essos district but one day he would break free of this blackmail. He did not join this group by choice and that left a sour taste in his mouth, the instant he could leave he would take his shot.