sand_storm___spitpaint_by_jeremypaillotin-d6u0h0y.jpgName: Barren Heel
Location: Dorne
Type: Plains/Desert
Size: Vast
Condition: Desolate, Empty



A sandy desert area formed around the Sanctuary Lake, it is a scarcely populated and desolate expanse. Heralding its name from a common folklore legend in which an ancient giant was awoken and eventually slain by a group of sandy dornishmen. While the stretches of vast sand and dust may prove treacherous for the weary traveler, there is a mysterious Mirage Pass that is the only way to safely travel to the lands of House Sekhmet.
Isolated within the Barren Heel, is the castle of House Sekhmet, Crimson Keep. A throne with a deep and dark history, it is nestled near the banks of Sanctuary Lake, a place that has been a strong source of power and strength for
House Sekhmet. While the threat of invaders has loomed large before all that dwell in the Heel, the threatening difficulties of passing across it have squelched some of the strongest forces in recent history, and its inhabitant remain undisturbed.