Ragnar_01.jpgName: Balos Elante
Age: 34
Sex: M
Archetype: Personal Guard
Location: <Dorne House Area>
Affiliations: Faelash Arqueth

Character Background and Description
Balos Elante serves as personal guard, friend, and provisioner to Faelash Arqueth. He stands a burly 6'3", scarred from battle and equipped with a finely-crafted bravo's broadsword. His brusque nature clashed heavily with the Braavosi duelists' society - and after a messy tryst with one of the premiere male courtesans, found himself almost unemployable. Balos, however, is an exceptional duelist, and Fae picked him up quickly - not caring if he was blacklisted.

The two engage in frequent reparteé, and although he has warmed up to her over the years, Fae's the only one he's not... obnoxious towards. Balos is an imposing, threatening man who will challenge anyone - much to Fae's annoyance - which often gets them in trouble. His menacing stature and aggressive stance and personality do more to keep the unthreatening ex-courtesan safe than his blade, much to his chagrin. The two share a love of drink, banter, and relative merrymaking, and will do so at any opportunity - this lands them in hot water VERY frequently.

Although Fae is currently penniless, Balos attends her on faith, contently taking the share she feels obligated to pay him. He constantly threatens to leave because of the spotty pay, but she knows he has no such intentions. One of his major motivations is, similar to Fae, the improvement of his art. Balos is extremely proud of his dueling skills and strives constantly to get better, but would never admit how important it is to him. He also prays, privately, for Fae to have romantic success - driven in part by his desire to be financially solvent as her guard.

Cohort Stats
Fighting: 5
Survival: 4
Will: 4
Agility: 4
Athletics: 4
Awareness: 3
Cunning: 3
Warfare: 3
Endurance: 3
All else: 2

Intrigue Defense: 3+3+2 = 8
Combat Defense: 4+4+3+3-0 = 14

Composure: 4x3 = 12
Health: 3x3 = 9