Nexternal image oAxztwG.pngame: Ballaphos Foraar
Age: 34
Sex: M
Archetype: Entertainer / Dancer
Location: Essos Square

Character Background and Description

Ballaphos Foraar was a swordsman whose reputation was on the rise for a few years in the free city of Braavos. In his late twenties, he demonstrated superb skill with the sword and had already nearly mastered the water dance. As his reputation grew, he began receiving challenges from people hoping to quickly gain renown, and fought many duels. In one such duel, he lost all but his index finger and thumb on his dominant hand, permanently shutting him out of the life of a swordsman. The duel was fought honorably and Foraar did not hold a grudge against him because of this.

While he could still wield a sword with his left hand, and had learned to do many tasks with his right, he soon after left Braavos out of shame, in search of a new calling in a new land. Coming off of a ship in King’s Landing, he was treated as much as an outsider as he had in Braavos after his loss. For many weeks he wandered the streets looking for work, but no one would hire a man who could not use both of his hands.

One evening after a full day of searching, he walked down to the port and found a relatively secluded area where he once again practiced his water dancing to relieve stress. Whilst dancing, a man tipped him a small coin, enough just to buy a small meal. Ballaphos took this as a sign that his practice of water dancing was not over, and found a place to do it in public as a performer: Essos Square. He now makes his living day to day by dancing during busy hours, and finds some joy in it, though he still misses his life as a swordsman in Braavos. He will often speak with merchants from Braavos when given the chance, and enjoys hearing of events in his homeland.