sample_bldg.pngName: Baker's Barracks
Location: Rhaenys's Hill
Type: Governmental
Size: 3 stories high, fairly wide
Condition: Down trotted, not well kept

Inhabitants: Any nobleman's cavalry is welcome to stay here, current abode of 20 of the The Falcons of Autumn (and their horses), 5 squires, and Castor Steffield

During Aegon's reign Baker's Barracks was built to house visiting noblemen's cavalry and servants if need be. It was named Baker's Barracks due to the fact that the local baker next door used to provide the men staying there with fresh bread each morning. The baker did this for a number of years, before he ironically died from an untreated yeast infection he was given to by a local prostitute who forever became known as Yeast after the incident. (Unrelated she lost many cliental after the incident and died an early death from lack of food.)
In order to honor the baker for his selflessness they name the barracks the Baker's Barracks, for while they liked the baker a great deal not one of them could tell you his actual name.

Since then the barrack's have been used for any nobleman's calvary and servicemen who cannot, for whatever reason, stay with the nobleman in their home. With no one to look after the barracks they have become dirty and have many damages to the foundation of the building. Men who return here for the evening with open wounds inflicted from whatever fight they found themselves in, usually wake in the morning with the wounds infected and the need to call a local doctor. With not many options to stay anywhere else this is where the lesser nobleman's service and calvary usually wind up, much to their dismay. Currently House Fenshaw's Falcons of Autumn and peasantry foot soldiers are staying here, while their lord resides in his home further into Aegon's Hil..