Name: Back Alley Surgerymedieval-surgery.png
Location: Flea Bottom
Type: Small shack with holes
Size: Cramped
Condition: Bloody, cramped, and miserable.

Inhabitants: One "Maester", patients.

A small shack made out of various debris found about Kings Landing, this is your one stop shop for discount surgery of any nature! Emerging quite recently, it has become quite popular with the locals. Although only one in three patients come out alive, the denizens of Flea Bottom can't afford to be picky when it comes to treating life-threatening injuries. The shack is lacking in many area's including a roof and surgery is often preformed on the bare ground. Various fluids line the floor and walls of this establishment, and those who do survive surgery are often prone to infection. Family's of the deceased are often asked to donate the body to further medical research in hopes of saving future lives. It is not know where these body's are taken, and most people in Flea Bottom prefer not to ask questions. Besides surgery, less serious patients simply wanting to drain their humours are also welcomed. Bartering is encouraged when talking about payment, and for those without money, teeth are always in demand.